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Greetings, Visitor! Welcome to my photo gallery. My name is Mike Wright. I am the proprietor of MEWright Sports Photos. I specialize in motorsports photography. I have been photographing motorsports events of all kinds for over 25 years. I photograph events at venues throughout the Northwest. I photograph racing, car shows, dealership inventories, fleets, events, and pretty much anything in the automotive universe. I also do automotive portraiture.

While my main focus (so to speak) is motorsports, I also do general sports photography. Any sport, any level. Please contact me for more details and a quote for your sporting event.

I offer photos on CD; however, they must be ordered from me. They cannot be ordered from this site. The cost of the CD is dependent on the number of photos contained on the CD. Photos on the disc come with unlimited reprint rights to the original purchaser for PERSONAL AND PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. Please contact me for more details and to order.

While I do shoot with a digital camera (economics demand it!), my photographs are in no way digitally altered beyond the occasional cropping out of some distracting background details, and removal of redeye in flash photos. The photos you see here are for the most part exactly as I took them. I don't even own a copy of Photoshop! I believe in letting the photographs stand on their own merit. The majority of my photographs are taken under natural light. I'm not a big fan of flash photography. When I do use flash, it's to fill in some shadow details. And of course, night photography often requires flash.

Comments and criticisms about my photography are always welcome! Thank you for visiting my site. Please do come back often!

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